As a Careers Advisor how can you ensure that you are offering your autistic students the additional resources and support that they require?

According to the Office of National Statistics there is a year-on-year increase of the number of disabled people in work, not least due to a heightened awareness of the resources and support that young people with a disability require to help them into employment.

Indeed, just one way in which you can help your autistic students to prepare for employment is with the Work Experience Activity Pack by SEN Press.

The Work Experience Activity Pack contains a wealth of information, support and resources about what to expect when undertaking work experience and how to demonstrate good work etiquette in an array of situations they are likely to find themselves in.

Not only has the Activity Pack’s content been specifically designed to respond to the way in which students with autism typically view the world, but it will also respond to their learning needs – it has been designed for older students (16+) with a reading age of around seven.

The Work Experience Activity Pack approaches the subject through a series of six student reading books, each focussed on a particular work setting, ranging from an animal charity to a fast-food restaurant, from a garage to a supermarket.

The six reading books, each of which builds upon the themes of the series (time keeping, showing respect, and so on) are accompanied by a set of copiable worksheets and teachers’ resources, supplied in spiral-bound format for easy use.

The teachers’ resources also include around 100 A4 pages of additional resources including keyword flashcards, word searches, and spot the difference pictures.

Finally the pack also includes a CD rom which has a set of eBooks and whiteboard resources. These include real voice audio tracks of the eBook versions of the readers and a wide range of interactive activities so that the students can practise the life skills introduced.

The complete set of resources containing two copies of each of the six readers, the complete teacher book, and the CD Rom is available for £139 plus VAT.  Individual elements from the pack are also available separately.

For further information, please click here.

Alternatively, please email or call 01582 833205.

Janie Nicholas

Anti-extremism Classroom Resource Free Trial

New Anti-extremism and Human Rights Classroom Software

Free Full Version 14-day trial

Schools and academies are now required to ensure pupils are aware of the risks associated with radicalisation and extremism.

Our new Anti-extremism and human rights classroom software delivers the topic sensitively using stunning 3D animation, professional voice-over and subject specific interactive exercises, quizzes and games. 

All delivered in a controlled environment, avoiding potentially unsafe web searches!

If (and only if!) after your 14 day trial you would like to keep the software, it’s just £199 (rrp £250) for a whole school/academy site licence over a network or on unlimited PCs/Whiteboards. Technical support, should you need, it is free.

The software arrives on DVD. Just follow the simple installer wizard and you will be ready to use the software in your classroom within minutes

To request a free 14 day trial please CLICK HERE

Encourage Your Reluctant Readers

Fed up with the same old reluctant readers that turn off your struggling teens?  Then please see these special offer Hi-Lo series that will engage and grab their interest from the word go.

Shots: easy read boy and girl titles – normally £55.92 save over 40% now £33.44

Extraordinary Files: easy read science fiction. Choose any combination of six titles – normally £41.97 save over 35% now £29.94

Yesterdays Voices: 12 Hi-Lo historical titles – normally £95.88 save over 30% now £66.60

Crossroads: 6 Hi-Lo contemporary fiction for 16 to 18 years olds – normally £47.94 save over 35% now £29.94

Dangerous Games: easy read computer game based books. Choose any combination of six titles – normally £41.97 save over 35% now £29.94

Sherlock Holmes: 3 easy read classic detective titles. Normally £20.97 save over 25% now £15.00

Show great results in your bottom 20% for literacy

We’re sure your students will enjoy a satisfying read, at a low readability level, on all these titles to help encourage a love of reading.

Please view the offer our brochure at: or we can email a PDF brochure directly to you. For any further information please contact: Tel: 020 8898 5211 email: Fax: 01536 399012

No need to open an account to order, all orders supplied on 30 day credit period, with all orders over £50 supplied carriage free.

“I used Dangerous Games with my lowest reading set and they couldn’t get enough of it! The comic book style really appeals to them”.
Mrs Marsh, Mill End School, Oxfordshire


selling excellent children’s books and digital

Address: 50 Godfrey Avenue, Twickenham, TW2 7PF


The KS3 National Curriculum requires an understanding, through the use of detailed place-based exemplars, of key processes in physical geography relating to coasts. This means an understanding of how human and physical processes interact to influence and change landscapes, and how human activity relies on effective functioning of natural systems.

This Coastal Erosion Resource looks at erosion at Beachy Head on the south coast and forms an enquiry. The question to be answered is

‘We wish to consult with you on the future of our home. What should we do?’

The question relates to the old lighthouse ‘La Belle Tout’ which has been turned into a guest house. Due to coastal erosion the lighthouse was on the verge of collapsing into the sea, as the coastal management strategy along this stretch of coast is ‘to do nothing’.

Both coastal erosion processes and coastal management strategies are drawn upon. There is a clear link between human and physical processes as the bed and breakfast guest house provides employment and the impact of physical processes means the guest house could be washed away due to coastal erosion.

A Powerpoint Presentation with 34 slides £29.99 (£35.99 including VAT)

Once purchased, the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school!

To see sample pages please email quoting the order code H6042.

You can order the Coastal Erosion Resource – KS3 CD-ROM in any of these ways:

  • On our website
  • By phone on 0117 940 6409
  • By fax on 0117 940 6408
  • By email (quoting a school order number) to
  • By post to: Classroom Resources, 9 Logan Road, Bristol, BS7 8DU

Classroom Resources Ltd
9 Logan Road,

Tel: 0117 940 6409

How would you like new classroom chairs with a warranty which lasts until 2036?

How much could your organisation save? With a TWENTY year warranty there’ll be no maintenance or replacement costs for twenty years… Think how much that will improve your furniture budget!

The Postura Plus range of chairs has been designed not only to be good looking and extremely durable (hence the 20 year warranty) but also to encourage good posture for your students, as well as being easy to stack and move from room to room if necessary.

Postura Plus chairs are used successfully in thousands of UK schools, often just as a trial in one classroom and then being “rolled out” throughout the school as funds allow.

Postura Plus chairs are available in a range of 15 attractive colours and six sizes for ages four years upwards. The TWENTY year warranty (and its associated benefits) means that these chairs are likely to be one of the best investments that a school or college could ever make.

Further information about Postura Plus chairs including very competitive pricing may be found at:

 Central Educational Supplies Ltd.,   PO Box 999, London E14 6SH 

You can contact them by email: or phone on: 020 7515 1797
Ask for Martin Evans who will be pleased to assist.


Confidence and having an open mindset is everything in learning.

As the work of Carol Dweck has proved, no matter how able, a child’s perception of themselves as a learner will determine their academic career. If it is poor, it will:

  • Undermine their resilience, so that they give up at the slightest obstacle
  • Make them defensive learners, unwilling to challenge themselves
  • Make them over-reliant on teachers and on received opinion
  • Write-off successes as ‘flukes’
  • Under-perform in exams and tests
  • Have low aspirations and under-achieve in life

The acclaimed self-perception test Myself As a Learner Scale 8-16+, by Robert Burden, gives teachers, psychologists and researchers a proven technique to gain access to this important aspect of learning development. In fact, the test is the only one that measures a child’s perception of themselves, specifically as learners.

Using it will enable you to:

  • Uncover, beneath external shows of confidence, which children have poor views of themselves as learners and therefore will be liable to under-perform
  • Pinpoint exactly where their problems are
  • Measure progress in developing ‘open-mindsets’ in children

Myself as a Learner Scale 8-16+ is easy to administer, score and interpret. It can be used for gaining information on large cohorts of students or for more clinical purposes with individuals.

It is a valid and reliable scale that can provide a valuable addition to any school’s assessment programme or educational psychologist’s repertoire of assessment techniques.

This is why MALS has gone around the world as the key test to use to measure a child’s image of themselves as learners and thinkers.

You can find out more about the test and order your copy at our bookshop.

Or if you have any questions, or would like to order directly with me, you can email me at Or call me on my direct number: 01211 2247584.

I look forward to hearing from you.

James Mason
Teaching Times

Tel: 0121 224 7584 | Fax: 0121 224 7589 |

PS: If you would like to order by invoice, you can order your copy of MALS on the bookshop and select ‘Invoice Payment’ at check out

A great way to start or round off The Romans topic.


Pupils can speed through the planning stage and write better Roman stories (in pairs) using my Roman writing frame

I am a children’s author who offers assemblies and creative writing workshops for all ages and abilities. Holding a writing day is a great way to start or round off The Romans topic.

Please email for prices and availability.


Robin Price

What happens in your Roman assemblies?
Pupils take part in lots of fun and interactive things including: Gladiator fighting to the death; Choose an Emperor and salute them in Latin; Roman Master Chef etc.

How does the writing element work?
I follow the assembly up with ‘flash writing’ workshops where children write their own stories in pairs. This is sure to generate some epic Roman tales!

Who is this for?
Gladiators are a bit too scary for Reception, (I do a special assembly for younger children)  Everyone from Y1 up is welcome to attend my assembly. I tailor the content of each workshop to suit Y1-Y6.

Who are you?
I have written 14 books suitable for ages from Reception to Y6, including The Olympuss Games series (which is set in ancient Rome and Greece in a world ruled by cats.) Parents in Touch said: ‘Please, do introduce them to your child; they are such fun and they will encourage an interest in ancient history.’

Ten Town

Ten Town’s memorable characters are designed to help children develop strong basic numeracy skills as well as improving their number recognition and formation. In particular, Ten Town reduces “number reversal” – a common problem faced by early years practicioners – by giving children a reason why the numbers face the way they do.

Ten Town was the Overall Winner for Music and Multimedia at the Practical Pre-School Awards 2013, and the scheme combines exciting online activities with a range of physical resources as well as printable support material.

Ten Town is aligned to the EYFS framework and also offers many cross curricular opportunities in the three Prime and four Specific Areas of Learning, with every activity linked to an ELG.

Ten Town has recently been expanded to cover numbers up to 20 and now incorporates all of the main reception year maths topics to ensure that the scheme is a vaulable resource right through the early years.

12 months subscription to Ten Town starts at just £80 for 30 children and includes a free set of flash cards and 2.5m wall frieze (worth £25).

Exclusive Offer – Use code HH15 and also receive a free Sing-along CD – worth £12!

Visit for details


Company Reg No: 766449   Registered Office: The Old Orchard, Crescent Road Stafford, ST17 9AL
Ten Town®  is a registered trademark and © Ten Town Limited VAT Reg No:180 4624 17




Tackling the digital skills crisis: Bringing technology and creativity together for the classroom.



Tackling the digital skills crisis:

Bringing technology and creativity together for the classroom.


MPs have warned that the UK is experiencing a digital skills crisis, with 12 million people lacking basic digital skills, a report has shown. With a further 745,000 workers with digital skills needed by 2017, it’s vital that Primary school children are educated with the appropriate skills for the digital age.

We know that introducing technology and digital skills into the classroom can be a challenge. At Sparks, we’re passionate about fusing technology with creativity and finding fun ways of including technology into the curriculum, making for a fun and exciting learning experience for your pupils.

Our Primary film making workshops are designed to be fun, accessible and affordable whilst linked to the curriculum in ways that suit your school. We have a choice of session lengths to cover PPA, training and off-timetable days, and we can even support with CPD for your school team.

For more information about our school programmes, you can visit!primary-workshops/exf7s or call 020 7101 9329 to speak to a member of the team.

We’d love to help fuse fun with technology and creativity within your school.

Kind regards,

Donna Bamford
Sparks Film and Media Arts



Do you study Spanish and want an experience which will set you above the rest? Are you resilient and motivated? Do you want to become fluent in Spanish? Do you want to learn about Spain from first-hand experience?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above then you need to navigate to to find out more about how you could secure yourself a place on an academic year in Spain. The course is available for all students of Spanish, whether you are still in secondary school or leaving school and wish to take a year to perfect your Spanish before embarking on your college education.

You would be placed with a friendly family in Spain and attend a local school, taking part in normal lessons with other pupils of your age. Your family and AYA will support you to develop your linguistic skills throughout the year and the experience of being immersed in the language and culture will mean that when you return home you will have a life-long skill. This experience will make you stand out from other students when it comes to applying for college and university and you will develop independence and resilience.

So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to hear from you!

The AYA Team